domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Spartacus - Gods of the Arena

Spartacus narrative takes place in the ancient Rome! This is a story about Gladiators, from the House of Batiatus perspective, an "academy" where this warriors are trained so they can endure in the Arena! 
Gods of the Arena is being aired since January 21, 2011 and is the prequel to Blood and Sand, that had its season finale last year.
A good tv show, not advisable to those under 16 because of its many sex scenes, language and violent fights with lots of blood!
The performances from the actors are pretty good, and the ambient in which the show follows is very good and convincing!
A must for all who like this genre! Others may not appreciate it.

My classification: 7/10

The show is aired every friday, and links to download it are available a few hours late. 

More info about the show and cast in and IMDB


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