quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Lights Out

Today its Lights Out time!
This show is about a retired heavy weight champ boxer, that after 5 years away, because of his family, finds himself broke and without any means to provide for his wife, (who is a year away to become a doctor), and kids.
A great narrative, with some good and solid characters and great actors to play them!
The show premiere was on January 11, 2011 and i must say it was a great surprise to me in the world of Tv shows. Im really enjoying it and if you havent seen the show yet, i recommend you do!

My classification: So far, 8/10

terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011


Answering to another reader call, today im going to talk about one of the most acclaimed tv shows ever!
Created and directed by J.J. Abrams, Lost tell us the story about a group of apparently random persons, that end up in a island after surviving a plane crash.
The first season is all about getting to know the group and the past from each character. We are also introduced to the Others, another group of persons that already were in the island before this new one appear...
Anyway, you are probably one of the millions that saw the show, so long story short, after 6 seasons, we finally come to an end... and what a disappointing one!!!
From first season to last, the viewer is bombard with a lot of weird shit without any logical explanation, and so we keep thinking "it will all be explained soon, maybe in the next ep, maybe in the next season...", until the last episode from the last season comes closer and closer and the so expected explanation, that will solve all the mysteries, keeps getting delayed.
When it finally came, to me it was just what i expected, a fucking big and disappointing non sense!
I guess that at some point the show writers realized that they had been inventing so much, that a credible ending to the show was out of reach, so they did the best they could...which wasnt enough! Questions were left without answer and most of those that have been answered, didnt convince!

Its pretty hard to write about this and make sense, without reveling parts of the story, but i didnt want to spoil, so i did my best. To those who havent seen the show, this text may be a little confusing, so i would recommend you to watch it, because despite the very frustrating end and one or another less well done season, the show is pretty good.

My classification: 7/10

segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011


Today im gonna talk to you about Seinfeld, because of the request by one of this blog followers.
So, what about Seinfeld? A comedy show, that was very successful in the 90s! Its premiere was in 1989 and it ended in 1998... almost 10 years, thats a lot and that should say something about how good is this show, right?
Well... not exactly... im not saying this show wasnt good at the time, but with the evolution of the genre over the years, nowadays, this show when compared to other comedy tv shows is just lame!
Its old, a dinosaur with jokes out of date. So unless you have stop in time in the 90s, dont waste your time watching this, when you could spend it watching so many better shows!

My classification: 4/10

W8 rebarbz from Seinfeld newfag lovers :)

PS: This is just my opinion and despite any stronger vocabulary used, it's all a joke and i mean no offense to the fans of the show!

domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011


Here goes some recent trailers! Enjoy :)

The Adjustment Bureau

Battle: Los Angeles

Cowboys and Aliens

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Captain America: The First Avenger
Super 8


X-Men: First Class

Academy Awards 2011

This year list of the most desired awards in the cinema industry has been released! Yes, i'm talking about the Oscars, what else!?
You can see the nominees in which categorie at http://www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/83/nominees.html
You are invited to watch it in February 27, 2011

Any guesses?

Spartacus - Gods of the Arena

Spartacus narrative takes place in the ancient Rome! This is a story about Gladiators, from the House of Batiatus perspective, an "academy" where this warriors are trained so they can endure in the Arena! 
Gods of the Arena is being aired since January 21, 2011 and is the prequel to Blood and Sand, that had its season finale last year.
A good tv show, not advisable to those under 16 because of its many sex scenes, language and violent fights with lots of blood!
The performances from the actors are pretty good, and the ambient in which the show follows is very good and convincing!
A must for all who like this genre! Others may not appreciate it.

My classification: 7/10

The show is aired every friday, and links to download it are available a few hours late. 

More info about the show and cast in TV.com and IMDB


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